Products and Technologies in Construction – Research Department


Domains of competence:

  • applied research in the field of materials, products, manufacturing and putting in place procedures of products, technologies, building services and embedded equipment for construction;
  • technical assessment of construction materials and products on the basis of the fulfilment of the essential requirements regarding the their intended use;
  • development of technical regulations in the field of construction;
  • specialized services: technical assessments, solutions studies, technical documentation for functional models.

Research directions addressed:

1. Applied studies and research for the design of products and technologies as follows:

  • ecological products based on materials obtained through the exploitation of traditional local resources (clay-based natural binders, biomass, straw, natural wood waste etc.);
  • technological processes for the ecological housing, using renewable energies and efficient heat recovery systems;
  • technological processes for construction products based on materials obtained from the recycling process of waste (plastic, paper, wood, wood, glass, etc.);
  • procedures for the in plant modular manufacturing of construction elements with multifunctional role;
  • monitoring and intelligent control systems for the building services integrated in the constructions: HVAC, water supply and sewerage systems, natural gas supply, access control, security, “building management systems”;
  • embedded equipment in constructions;
  • sustainable constructions protection systems;
  • constructions corrosion protection systems;
  • finishing systems for the construction elements surface;
  • efficient thermal insulation systems;
  • mechatronic equipment for construction works.

2. Assessment of the performances and durability of constructions and construction products as follows:

  • anti-corrosion protection systems of the metal and concrete constructions;
  • protection systems for wood and timber structures, against the atmospheric and biological environment action;
  • plastics products used for constructions elements and building services products;
  • waterproofing products.

3. Technical expertise regarding the laboratory and “in situ” assessment as follows:

  • degradation status of constructions subjected to natural and anthropic factors;
  • degradation status of protection systems applied on the surface of the construction elements;
  • thermal and energy performances of the constructions;
  • thermal/heating efficiency for industrial installations and equipment.