Structural Systems Dynamic Behavior

Research Department

I. Areas of competence

  • applied researches in the field of the isolation of the constructions subject to seismic actions;
  • conformity certification of the products and materials by developing national technical approvals  and European
  • Technical Assessments (European Assessment Documents) regarding the intended use in constructions;
    specialized consultancy.


II. Research directions approached:

1. Dynamic behavior of structural systems exposed to kinematic or dynamic excitations implied by external actions.
a) analyzes, methods and concepts regarding the assessment of the products / systems / anti-seismic devices based on experimental results, in direct correlation with the provisions of the standards in force;
b) dynamic linear and nonlinear analysis, taking into account their natural frequency  as well as the additional dumping by adding appropriate dissipative elements to a structural dynamic system;
c) development of methods / procedures for testing the structural systems in specific dynamic regimes.

2. Behavior of the sound absorbing and sound insulating structural systems to the action of external noises expressed by poly-harmonic variations of the acoustic pressure.

3. Development of the homologation programs for new products by establishing the control methods in the manufacturing plant, by checking the stable and uniform production system, as well as the test methods based on the requirements imposed by the regulated or unregulated (voluntary) field of application.

4. Evaluation of the technical documentation of the experimental test and monitoring systems, on stages of manufacturing, of the manufacturing technologies of the construction products whose performances ensure the mechanical resistance, stability, durability and the degree of reduction of the dynamic loads to external actions generated by earthquake, wind, dynamic industrial loads, dynamic road traffic, etc. The completion of these activities consists in the elaboration of a Technical Analysis Report with conclusions for the validation and / or homologation of the manufactured products.

III. Exploiting the research results by technological transfer

1. Development of calculation methods and of dynamic analyzes in order to establish the anti-seismic isolation solutions and energy dissipative solutions

2. Development of calculation methods, of technical solutions and of dynamic analyzes for the systems, equipment and structures vibration isolation, kinematic or dynamic excited by external destructive actions (industrial vibrations, turbulent air movements, seismic movements)

3. Development of methods and concepts of dynamic response analysis for the structural systems, constructions base isolated, anti-seismic devices and antivibration devices exposed to external excitations with time variation laws, in the form of harmonic, triangular, haversinus or polymorphic signals.

4. Development of studies, research and methods for the reducing of noise level, sound power, acoustic energy transmitted in the residential buildings and buildings for social, cultural, health, or educational activities.

5. Evaluation of the sound absorbing and soundproofing structures both for the interior walls as well as for the noise barriers installed on the urban road and highways using experimental analysis methods and tests according to the European and national standards in force using Bruel-Kjaer equipment, acoustic chambers as well as based on field measurements of sound insulation.