Cooperation and Affiliation

ICECON S.A. is member of the following national and international association and organisations:

National cooperations

Association /Organisation Head quarter Founder Member
Romanian  Association of Research Organisations – PRCP Bucureşti ROMÂNIA
Romanian Association for Technologies, Equipment, Management and Technical Approval in Construction – AROTEMA Bucureşti ROMÂNIA
Association of Romanian Construction Companies – PSC Bucureşti ROMÂNIA
Group of Romanian Notified Bodies for Construction Products Bucureşti ROMÂNIA
Romanian Acoustic Society– SRA Bucureşti ROMÂNIA
Romanian Association of Building Services Engineers – AIIR Bucureşti ROMÂNIA
Romanian Association of Automation and Electrical Engineers Bucureşti ROMÂNIA
Romanian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Braşov ROMÂNIA
Romanian Academy Acoustic Commission Bucureşti ROMÂNIA
Romanian Association of Tensometry and Material Testing – ARTENS Bucureşti ROMÂNIA

International Cooperation

  • The European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering– EUCENTRE Italy
  • International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration– IIAV SUA
  • European Organisation for Technical Assessment – EOTA Belgium
  • Group of Notified Bodies under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) –  GNB CPR Belgium
  • The Test, Innovation and Services Centre – CEIS Spain
  • Laboratory for experimental tests od anti-seismic devices  – SISMALAB Italy