Completed R&D – I projects

National Program for Research – Development – Innovation – National Competitions

National Programs R&D-I within RELANSIN, AMTRANS, MENER, MATNANTECH, CALIST, INFOSOC, ANCS – IMPACT, INVENT, CEEX Excellence Programs, Module 1 and Module 4.

Scientific recognition

  • the CONRO 2003 award (CONRO – Conceived in Romania)
  • 1st prize – RELANSIN – CONRO 2003
  • Third prize – RELANSIN – CONRO 2004
  • The youngest researcher award – CONRO 2004


INFRAS – within the CEEX module IV

  • Method and system for assessing, monitoring and reducing the level of vibrations transmitted to the human factor – extension of the laboratory accreditation field
  • Laboratory for the determination of noise parameters in the urban environment
  • Testing laboratory for materials used in the road structures construction
  • Harmful  emissions determination laboratory
  • Laboratory for mineral aggregates testing
  • Laboratory for determining the heating power of heating bodies
  • Test laboratory for interior and exterior finishings based on mortars and paints
  • Test laboratory for constructions exterior composite thermal insulation systems
  • Floorings test laboratory
  • Non-destructive testing laboratory – concrete structures
  • Creating a quality management systems certification body


  • Universal mobile robot for constructions with 7 degrees of freedom
  • Real-time system for monitoring the vibrations and noise generated by industrial sources with impact on human collectivities and on urban buildings
  • Robot for three-dimensional mapping and electronic logging of the decorative elements of the facades of the buildings and of the historical monuments



  • Testing equipment for concrete and masonry fasteners in order to verify the compliance of the safety and security characteristics
  • Testing equipment for building elements  in order to verify the compliance of the adhesion characteristics
  • Operational method for detecting the electrostatic charge level of the construction materials and of the human body in order to ensure the users’ safety requirements
  • Testing rig for composite materials used in construction  in order to determine  their behaviour under long-term dynamic loads
  • Testing equipment for mineral aggregates in order to determine their characteristics, in term of wear, according the European standards.



  • Innovative solution for the microstructure of the self-compacting concrete composition optimization for precast concrete elements
  • Modern and environmentally friendly concepts and technologies, according to the specific European regulations, regarding the system of machinery and equipment for road infrastructure repair, for transportation safety and security” (ICECON S.A. – partner)
  • Modern and environmentally friendly concepts and technologies, according to the specific European regulations, regarding the mobile units for road infrastructure maintenance, with a pilot application on a nominal capacity of asphalt of 15 t / h (ICECON S.A. – partner)



  • Robot for sewage pipes inspection.
  • Detection and protection equipment of the constructions with automatic interruption of gas, electricity and water supply, in case of earthquake.
  • Environmental protection of the forest areas by collecting the sawdust and processing it  as a mineralized aggregate for construction elements
  • Innovative technology for the polyethylene pipes and fittings fusion joint processes
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete diamond blade cutting equipment, with variable speed
  • Innovative technology for fittings manufactured from welded polyethylene pipe segments
  • High performance computerized batching and control equipment for concrete mixtures in order to ensure the prescribed performance class
  • Multifunctional equipment for individual houses construction
  • Overload protection equipment for low-voltage equipment
  • Laboratory equipment for the construction quality assurance
  • Electro-thermal welding equipment for polyethylene and high density polypropylene pipes
  • Differential residual current protection equipment for low-voltage installations
  • Remote control equipment for pipes inspection and maintenance
  • Universal equipment for bituminous emulsion cold asphalt mixes with batching and putting in place for road rehabilitation works
  • Machine for the manufacturing of blocks and thermal insulating plates based on concrete with mineral and vegetal mineralized aggregates
  • Innovative technology for hard bounding of galvanized-steel pipe joint
  • Hydraulic bending machine for pipes (Ø10 – Ø 65 mm)
  • Connecting Equipment for polyethylene pipes to metal pipes joining
  • Industrial manipulator equipment for construction finishing
  • Heating appliances made of extruded aluminium
  • The environment quality improvement by paper waste selectively collecting and processing it into corrugate boards made of cellulose fibre impregnated with bitumen for roofing elements, in order to replace the corrugate cement-asbestos boards
  • Heat exchanger with energy accumulation, for hot water preparation
  • Remote control equipment for protective coatings application inside the pipelines after welding
  • Harmonization of the Romanian standards with the European standards in the field of construction equipment and erecting equipment
  • Development of a construction innovation and technology transfer centre



  • Innovative “MOGAPAN” – composite sandwich panel system with comb core for the reduction of traffic noise
  • Modular elements based on composite materials developed in order to increase the shock resistance of the mechanical protection structures used for roads vehicle restraint systems
  • Modular elements based on composite materials, used in the protection structures of the mobile construction machinery cabins in order to increase resistance to mechanical shocks



  • Soundproofing modular screens for adaptive geometry elements in order to reduce external noise produced by fixed or mobile sources in buildings and construction sites
  • Flexible concrete batching monitoring system, with simultaneous use in several concrete plants, in order to increase construction safety
  • High performance technology for heavy soil layers compacting used in roads infrastructure
  • Effective systems for lightweight fire-resistant structures used in civil engineering



  • Innovative solution for the microstructure of the self-compacting concrete composition optimization for precast concrete elements
  • Steel types with anti-corrosion properties used for concrete reinforcing




  • Automatic drying system for building materials using microwaves
  • Robotic system for automatic video inspection of road surface
  • Modular design protection systems based on sound-absorbing and sound-insulating composite materials used in construction machines
  • Autonomous robotic mobile equipment for video inspection and monitoring of pipelines in the wastewater networks